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  • 27/10/2021

    Consapevolmente BIO: GreenPlanet, a magazine linked to organic products and ecosustainability, talks about us.

    "L’Assaggio", a GreenPlanet column that every week dedicates a review to an organic product and gives it a score on a scale from 0 to 5, featured our...

  • 16/07/2021

    Nutrigrano Project: Creation of new Nutraceutical foods through the development of Innovative fertilizers and the bio-fortification of wheat flours

    The Nutrigrano project aims to develop food products with high added value starting from a raw material, wheat, enriched with bioactive compounds through a new low...

  • 27/05/2021

    Carbohydrates at the basis of well-being: tells about our VitaMill® line

    Carbohydrates are often considered an enemy of health and are the first food category to be eliminated in many nutritional pathways. This, however, is a misconception....

  • 23/04/2021

    The baker breakfasts: tells the next Masterclass of "La Mia Accademia"

    Matteo Cunsolo, Master Baker and National Secretary of the Richemont Club Italia, will be the Master of the next live Masterclass of "La Mia Accademia", Grandi...

  • 31/03/2021

    Online Masterclass with Master Matteo Cunsolo: talks about “La Mia Accademia”.

    "La Mia Accademia", Grandi Molini Italiani’s School for White Art, presents the next two LIVE Masterclasses by Matteo Cunsolo, National Secretary of...

  • 15/03/2021

    The first ingredient of wellbeing is flour: tells about us

    As an ingredient always present in every kitchen, flour is the fundamental element for the preparation of many typical dishes of our food culture. For this reason,...

  • 02/03/2021

    Choosing organic from the

    Many recipes have flour as their "first ingredient", a fundamental basis for many typical preparations of the Italian culinary tradition. For all those who...

  • 17/02/2021

    Choosing organic means choosing consciously: tells about us

    The element that characterizes organic flour and that distinguishes it from classic flours is the wheat from which it comes. Il must come entirely from organic farming,...

  • 29/01/2021

    Flour as the first ingredient towards a healthy diet: talks about us

    Weaning leads parents to face a great challenge: how to educate their children to healthy eating. A good starting point is a conscious choice of flour, the basic...

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