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Antica - tipo 2 Oro

Antica tipo 2 Oro by Grandi Molini Italiani is a special flour containing bran from very close to the aleurone layer of the grain which, together with the high vitamin and mineral content, make the product more digestible, as well as giving it more flavour and a longer shelf life. 
Tipo 2 Oro can be used mixed in the desired percentage with other flours to produce a dark and fibre-rich version of any type of bread.
Ideal for bakers.

Product not available to buy online. Contact us calling the number 800-998-997

Allergens: Gluten. May contain soy
Delivery methods: 25 kg food-grade paper sack in accordance with current flour regulations. 
Shelf life: 9 months in sacks.
Storage: Store in its original packaging in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
W 295 (+/-25)

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