Linea Pizza Grandi Molini Italiani

The Wealth of Wheat - type 2

Farina "type” by Grandi Molini Italiani is a flour made by milling fine grains whose germ has been kept indoors, after being milled using an exclusive stone grinding technique (wholemeal flour), and subsequently passed through a tumbler screen.
A source of fibre and phosphorus that increases the quality of the finished product. The wheat germ and essential oils of the grain are mixed with the starchy part, giving the flour its characteristic ivory colour and darker spots, typical of stone grinding.
Stone-ground flours, which preserve intact the vitamin and unsaturated fat content of the germ, are ideal for the production of home-style bread, pizza and focaccia bread.
Suitable for pizza chefs.

Product not available to buy online. Contact us calling the number 800-998-997

Allergens: Gluten. May contain traces of soy
Delivery methods: 25 kg food-grade paper sack in accordance with current flour regulations. 
Shelf life: 3 months in sacks.
Storage: Store in its original packaging in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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