• 3 hours
  • Medium

Olive or cherry tomato focaccia

10 kg Forte Type 0 / Forte Oro Type 0 / Super Type 0 / White Wheat flour 100% Grano Italiano
7 l    Water (70%)
200 g Salt (2%)
100 g Malt (1%)
400 g Olive oil (4%)
250 g Yeast (2,5%)
Final dough temperature 25-26° C

Combine all ingredients and knead for 8 minutes on speed 1, then 8 minutes on speed 2 until dough is smooth and silky. Rest for about 20-30 minutes. Weigh 1.3 kg of dough for 40 x 60 cm baking trays and loosely form into a ball. Rest for about 10 minutes. Press out by hand or with a sheeter until the dough evenly covers the entire sheet pan. Dissolve 2-3 g of salt in 50 g of lukewarm water, emulsify with 50 g of extra virgin olive oil and brush the focaccia with the resulting mixture. Use fingertips to make dimples in the dough, making sure the water and oil mixture fills the holes. Cut the olives or tomatoes in half and distribute them evenly over the surface. Let rise for about 80-90 minutes.
Bake at moderate temperature. Baking time about 25-30 minutes.

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