• 40 min
  • Low

Soft peach cakes

150 g of Flour type 00 | W 200
120 g of butter at room temperature
110 g of brown sugar
90 g of milk
4 g of baking powder
1 egg
2 peaches
Remember to take the butter, eggs and milk out of the fridge a couple of hours beforehand.
First, cut the butter into cubes, add the sugar and work the mixture with the whisk until it reaches a soft consistency. Separately, beat the eggs with a fork for at least 3 minutes, then add them to the mixture. Add the milk, the sifted flour and the baking powder, mix and add the peaches, keeping a handful aside for decoration.
At this point, pour the mixture into the buttered and floured molds, then bake in static mode at 175° for 15/20 minutes: if it should brown too much, lower the temperature to 160°. Once ready, let them cool, then garnish with peaches and icing sugar.

In cooperation with The Diary of Sonia

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