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Triple chocolate banana bread

Ingredients (for a plum cake mold)
100 g of Multic'è
25 g of extra virgin olive oil
75 g of brown sugar in crystals
50 g of oat milk
50 g of oat flour
2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder
1 teaspoon of baking soda
80 g of extra dark chocolate
4/5 tablespoons of spelled glazed with chocolate
2 large, very ripe bananas (about 240 g)
2 eggs
On a plate, mash the bananas with a fork, add the oat milk, sugar, oil and mix, then add the eggs. Separately, sift together the flours, cocoa and baking soda, then add the two compounds and work them coarsely. Add the chocolate, mix and transfer to a greased and floured plum cake mold (or lined with parchment paper), then add the spelled flakes glazed with chocolate on the surface. At this point, cook at 200 ° in static mode for 10/15 minutes, then at 180 ° for another 15/20 minutes. Remember to do the toothpick test to check the baking of the cake.

In cooperation with Vaniglia Cooking

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