• 2 hours 30 min
  • Low

Wholemeal focaccia with ham and figs

For the dough
150 g of Wholemeal soft wheat flour – Linea Origini
150 g of Soft wheat flour type 0 type Manitoba
12.5 g of fresh beer yeast
210 g of water at 20°
2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil
5/6 sprigs of thyme
2 sprigs of rosemary
1 pinch of salt

For the brine
25 g of water at 20°
25 g of extra virgin olive oil
5g of fine or coarse salt

To serve
5/6 figs
150 g of raw ham
You have to use a large bowl to mix the flours with the salt, then pour in the centre the oil and the yeast previously dissolved in the water. Proceed mixing well the ingredients with a spoon and, if needed, finish by using your hands. Lightly grease the dough, cover it and let it rest until doubled for about 30 minutes.
In the meantime, cover a pan with parchment paper or lightly grease it: when the rest time is over, place the dough in the pan and let it rest for another 10/20 minutes.
After the resting time, grease your hands and begin to gently stretch the focaccia without pressing too much in order to don’t break the air bubbles and let it rest for about 20/30 minutes.
For the brine, emulsify the ingredients, use your fingers to brush them on the dough and form little holes on the top.
Let it rest again for 20/30 minutes, then decorate it with the chopped leaves of thyme and rosemary and cook it in a preheated oven at 220 ° for about 25/30 minutes, until the focaccia appears crisp.
Once cooled, cut the focaccia into pieces and serve it with figs and raw ham.

In cooperation with Vaniglia Cooking

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