• 1 hour
  • Low

Wholemeal piadine

Ingredients for 8 piadine
300 g of Whole wheat flour
200 g of Organic flour type 00
250 g of warm water
125 g of lard
1 level tablespoon of salt
First, pour the flour into a bowl or a kneading machine and form a fountain. Add the lard cut into small pieces, salt and flush with water. Start kneading and, once you have a smooth and soft dough, create a ball, cut it into 8 wedges and form a ball with each one. At this point, let the balls rest for 30 minutes covered with a cloth.
At the end of the rest, sprinkle the worktop with flour and roll out each ball creating very thin piadine. Once ready, cook them for about 5 minutes turning them halfway through cooking: they will be ready when the bubbles form. Be careful not to overcook them, otherwise they risk becoming tough. Once ready, stuff them to taste with raw ham, stracciatella and tomatoes.

In cooperation with Vaniglia Cooking

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